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So glad you stopped by! I’m a professional musician who writes about my hilarious childhood “on the edge” of the Olympic Peninsula. All my stories take place on Second Street, a neighborhood that seemed its own character inside a bigger place whose remoteness, mystery, and raw beauty enchant its inhabitants.

Real monkeys were part of the landscape of my childhood, as well as the other kinds of monkeys which accompany the mental illness “lifestyle.” The one I feared most happened to be born the same day as I, and his presence was felt until the day he died at age forty.

By the time my fears needed a creative outlet, a fifth grade teacher read my first poem about a rose. He was practically giddy over it and he encouraged me to write more. Soon after, I wrote my second poem about a bird, which I set to music. (See “The Rose” and “A Bird” on my Blog Page). Thanks to my caring teacher, all of a sudden, life offered more than just monkeys! Creativity opened a window and let the light in.

Then I learned to sing and write music. This led to copious books of poetry and musical compositions. Years spent writing and learning the language of music kept me safe when all else around me in childhood had begun to crumble away.


Scene from my kids’ audiobook Little Red Riding Pants’ Narrow Escape

Our creative voice–whether written, spoken, sung, or played–belongs to us.  My blog is witness to voice and provides a safe place for the kid in all of us.

Yup, this whole place gives credence–yes credence–to scary-fanged “monkeys” of mental illness which screech from trees of our childhoods.  Welcome.


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