I am a professional musician who has lived an extraordinary life.

When I was in the fifth grade, I was lucky enough to be inspired and encouraged by a teacher who saw a creative light in me, and as a result, I wrote my first poem about a rose.  My second was a poem about a bird, which I set to music.  Copious books of poetry followed. Creativity provided the only outlet for an abusive set of parents and family. Music kept me safe within its lines when all else was broken.

All grown up, I received a Masters of Music and taught many apt students the wonders of making music with both the piano and the voice. It was very satisfying work, teaching others how to find their musical voices, because I believe that nothing is more important than finding your voice.

I raised two brilliant children-one a rocket scientist and the other an animation artist- and found myself divorced after 26 years of marriage.  The time has now come for me to write my own story, one that aims to help and encourage those with whom I am blessed to meet both here and “out there.” Here, I give voice to my new beginning-yours too- and to give credence, maybe to some old, false starts.


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