Mia Flower’s Advice Column

The Doctor Is In.

The doctor is in.


I’ll be right there for you. As soon as I catch this squirrel.

My name is Mia Flower and I am here for you any time you need me. I am a fearless huntress and a good friend. I like to think, diagnose problems and give advice, so feel free to wake me up with any questions you may have. If you happen to be having a four-wrinkle day, scroll down this page to “Comment” and jot me a note. I’ll try to help you get your problem down from four wrinkles to a more manageable two.  I am not that great with English vocabulary and I can’t count worth a fig, but I’m pretty good with dog speak. Know that I am here for you, even if I am napping. Don’t be afraid to wake the sleeping dog.


2 thoughts on “Mia Flower’s Advice Column

  1. Dear Mia, I understand you have just made a life changing cross country move. What suggestions can you give for making a new community feel like home?


    • I will do my best to respond to your thoughtful question. Even though my tail would wag if it could, and knock over a coffee table, right now it’s wriggling and sidewinding me clockwise around my work space due to the fact that I am so happy you wrote! You see, giving dog-wisdom based advice has been my fondest dream. I daresay it’s right up there with bully sticks, orange balls, long walks, and the dog park. You are helping me fulfill the dream!

      First of all, I think it’s important to get to know your neighbors. Do they seem amiable, considerate? Check out their yards: are thy well-kept? Find out which ones bark excessively, pick fights, steal your bone or, with the shake of the head, fling long, jowly, juicy strings of drool around the yard like there is no tomorrow. Then check out their dogs. Remember, location is everything!
      Second, I have found that walking to the coffee shop for an ice cream gives my pet human a chance to interact with the town folk in a positive way, though I know it’s just me they want to get to know. Heck, I got my picture in Facebook as a result of one of those ice cream runs. Try to converse with the shop owners, get to know their names. Get involved with the community doing something that fits your skill set. For instance, I do volunteer work at the dog park. I attentively observe my pet human take the water bucket to the pump across the field and I dutifully watch her every step there.Then, after she fills the bucket, I watch her come all the way back. I think I help a lot because observation is one of my skills. Volunteer work is good.
      Though church is something I usually sleep through, the third thing you might want do is look around for a good church in your neighborhood and get plugged in.
      Last is #3 on the list. Wait. I can’t remember what number I was on. Oh well. Remember to start feathering your nest right away. Oh dear, this is making me drool. Well, you know how mom birds get their nests ready by placing feathers inside? Ooh, I love birds. Well, you want to work on your house to make it your own. Choose colors that make you happy and accessories that are practical and well-placed. I had my human set my bed right where I can watch out the windows and supervise any cooking going on in the kitchen. I have decorated my bed with a blanket and a pillow. A lot of planning and placement blunders occurred here, but I emphasized with my human it was worth taking the time for.
      Fourthly, go to local events like art shows, poetry reading at the library, plays and concerts, things to which I am denied access.
      Fifth, allow the process some time. You need about three month to make friends, if you are a human.

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